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Taste of Czech is a tour operator for the regions of Czech Republic. If you like to experience a different culture, great hospitality, plenty of quality food and locally produced stunning organic wines, then we guarantee you will love our tours.


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The Taste of Czech team members have all got roots in this wonderful part of the world and are very passionate about the places they take you to.


‘The way of living and wine culture you will experience has been passed down through generations, it is how our parents brought us up. There is nothing pretentious. Everything we do stems from folk heritage of the wine regions and our mission is to make sure you get as much enjoyment out of the culture as the locals do.’

The Team

John (Honza)
Tour Guide

Honza (John in English) is born and bred in the heart of folk region of Moravia. He grew up in little village near woods and lakes, where all traditions are still kept and celebrated as they were 100's years ago.


John's grandfather has a wine cellar himself and is a very passionate wine maker. This tradition runs in the family and gives John a unique position and knowledge when it comes to the Moravian wines!


He is a very keen cyclist, admires art (which his fiance does best), has a great attention to detail and a very refined taste in many walks of life. John also loves cycling, socialising, PC games and all technology that goes with it, and is very interested in history subjects. Especially castles :)


John is an easy going, polite individual and will always make your trip very pleasant.



Lucie grew up in the same village as John and so they share the same childhood experiences of the country life with frequent visits to wine tasting cellars and all that goes with it.


Her brother Alexander plays violin in the traditional Moravian cimbalom band and her other brother has his own micro vineyard from which he gets some lovely wines every year.


Lucie lives in the UK and does her best in promoting the Taste of Czech to wider audience with offline and online marketing (in the UK and beyond), as well as dealing with customer communications and completing the more boring tasks in the form of admin work.


She is a keen traveller, golfer, dog walker, and enjoys cooking traditional Czech dishes for her English husband, who absolutely loves going to Moravia for vacations.


The team are all committed to make the Taste of Czech experience simply wonderful and unforgettable!


We hope you find all the information you need. If you have any questions or suggetions please contact us.



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